Recurlog - now available on Google Play Store

July 18, 2018

Happy to announce the first public release of Recurlog. Recurlog is an app that offers a way to track all your recurring tasks and chores at one place. It lets you schedule and track your tasks however you see fit.

Do you want to track a task that you need to do every month on schedule? Do you want to be reminded to do a chore every 2 weeks and have the reminders repeat based on when you did the chore and not when you were supposed to do it? Do you want to simply track a task that you do once in a while without any particular schedule? Would you like to track some values when you complete a task? Would you like to see how you are doing so far? Recurlog has you covered.

Recurlog lets you not only track your tasks but also reminds you at the right time. If you choose to, it can also keep reminding you for days until you complete a task.

Recurlog can be used to track your personal and household chores, maintain logs of activities you do repeatedly, track habits and outcomes, and also collect any type of data about yourself.

You can download the app for free from the Play Store. The free version has all major features and is ad free. With a one time upgrade, you will have access to all the Pro features. Pro features include Auto rollover, Home screen widget and Multi value tracking.